Wednesday, May 16, 2018

where the mind is with out fear

where the world is with out fear:-


                    where the mind is with out fear and the head is held high
                               where the world has been broken up into
                                fragments by narrow domestic walls;
                   Where the words come out from the depth of truth;
                               where tireless striving stretches its
                                arm stowards perfection;
                               arms towards
                   where the clear stream of reason had not lost its way
                   into the dreary desert sand of death habit;

                               where the mind is left forward by thee 
                               into-ever widening thought and action.

                  into that heaven of freedom , my father.
                  let my country awake .

 About the poem:-.

“Where the mind is Without Fear” by Rabindranath Tagore is one of his vastly read and discussed poems.  It was originally composed in Bengali possibly in 1900 under the title “Prarthana”, meaning prayer. It appeared in the volume called ‘Naibedya’ in 1901. Later in 1911 Tagore himself translated the Bengali poem into English and that translation appeared as poem 35 in his Nobel winning anthology “Gitanjali” (Song Offerings) published by the Indian Society, London in 1912. 
So when the poem was written, India was under the British Rule and people were eagerly waiting to get their freedom from the British Rule. The poem is written in the form of a prayer to the God, the Almighty for a true freedom for his country. And thus Tagore reveals his own concept of freedom throughout the poem, Where the Mind is Without Fear. 

detaild summary :-

In the very first line, the poet prays to the Almighty that his countrymen should be free from any fear of oppression or forced compulsion. He wishes that everyone in his country has his head held high in dignity. In other words, according to him, in a truly free country every person should be fearless and should have a sense of self dignity.
In the second line of Where the Mind is Without Fear the poet dreams of a nation where knowledge would be free. Education should not be restricted to the upper class only but everybody should be allowed to acquire knowledge. Not only that, the children should learn freely from the nature and the world around them. They should not be forced memorize some predetermined lessons. And this is Tagore’s typical concept of education.
In the next two lines, the poet emphasizes the unity of not only of his countrymen but also of the entire world. He thinks there should be no division among people based on their caste, creed, color, religion or other baseless superstitions. In other words, prejudices and superstitions should not divide the people in groups and break their unity.
In line 5 of Where the Mind is Without Fear, Tagore wants a nation where people are truthful. They should not be superficial and words should come out from the depth of their hearts.
In the line 6 of the poem, the poet wants everyone to work hard to reach their goal, and in the long run to reach perfection. . He thinks they should not be tired by working. People should not be lazy and ignoring their work.
In line 7, the poet compares ‘reason’ or logical thinking to a “clear stream’ and in the next line compares ‘dead habits’ or superstitious beliefs to a ‘dreary desert’. He wants the stream of reason not to lose its way into the desert of prejudices. In short, people’s thought should be monitored by rational thinking, not by superstition; logic should rule over old baseless beliefs.
In line 9 and 10 the poet wishes his countrymen to be progressive and broad-minded. He wants that their minds are “led forward” to “ever-widening thought and action” by the Almighty. In short, we should be open-minded and do something unusual or extraordinary, overcoming the narrowness of mind.
In the final line of the poem, the poet addresses the God as ‘Father’. He asks him to awaken his country into such a ‘heaven of freedom’ where the above conditions meet.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

why we use hashtags "#" on social media 

Today we all are blindly  using "#" on social media or platforms .Many good looking girls fluently use this tags .Example "#beauty over loaded " or the more popular that is "#maa ke hath ka khana ".but i gauses many times that question must had been stormed your brain that why we are using this "#" in this in our status .A simple answer that every one must have been giving is that it highlights the foreth comming words 
but do you mreally think this is the only use of "#"and just because "#" highlights the word it is getting so much popularityon every platform.If you are thinking this as the right answer then my friend you are wrong.
The use of "#" is discussed in detail for you "to enhance your knowledg".

detecting a bimbo through "#" :-we all have seen a status that is completly highlighted by the use of a "#" .Lets take an example"#BEAUTY#over#loaded"or"#WANT#a boyfriend"   both of these examples have no meaning at all this are just used to highlight the text .this missuse of "#" can be tought as an act of anillitrate just following the mistakes of people to fel cool among people.

importance of hashtags"#":-THE hashtags are used when we wanna see all the comments of social media on a single topic that are been initiated from a "#"up on any metter .with out knowing the anything about the one who commented .so this is the way through which we can make our things or business popularal 

 In india when kathua rape case happend every one in our country and internationally a social media protest against rape had started .in that situation a hashtag"# justice for asifa"was widely used .By the use of this tag  if any one posts any thing on the social media (either on facebook,instagram,twitter,pintrest etc.) related to this protest or case including this  hashtag "#justice for asifa " then all other users can read all comments and posts of all the other people too. those who ever had used the tag "#justice for asif "in there posts.

Another example:-Let us take the example of the QnA sassions on social midea they tell you to use a hashtag"#carry minaty"(say)by using this tag if you just ask a any cuestion anywhere on social media .then just by clicking on this tag carry minaty is able to read all the question at a same time no matter you post it any where on any platform of social media .

Friday, May 11, 2018

operating system

now we are going to discuss the most basic and the most common topic that every it professional and a student who is prepearing for an IT industries or those who think to design some software must know and that is all aboute an operating system .
now a question arises in our mind what is an operating system ? What is the work of an operating system?and what not so in this blog i am going to explain you about operating system{O.S} .

defination : an operating system is a system software which after the initialization through a boot program in a computer manages the compleat settings and tasks like managing diffrent softwares called applications . These programs are used by the user or accesed by the user through an iterface that is provided as a command line or as an GUI (graphical user interfase) .so we can can conclude that an operating system is a system software that establish a link between the user and the hardware of the is the interface beween the user and the hardware.

Goals (purpose)of an operating system:There are a lots of purposes of an operating system .Even we can't imagine using a computer with out an operating system.The operating system .The basic fuctions of O.S are discussed below